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Wellington Study Group - Friday 7th June 2019

07/06/2019 06:30pm to 8:30pm

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TOPIC: Minimal Prep and Non Prep Ceramic Restorations

All dental professionals today agree in the importance of preserving as much as possible of the patient's dental structure, and at the same time guaranteeing the best aesthetic result for the longest period of time. This is undoubtedly possible since the available techniques allow us to manufacture extremely thin indirect restorations such as ceramic fragments and lens-contact veneers. This type of solution is considered the quintessence of dental ceramic restoration and at the same time has been neglected for so long that today there is a very large and dissatisfied market waiting for our intervention.


- Appreciate and propose this type of bio-mimetic solution for aesthetic and functional purposes, when how and why.

- treatment plan, from diagnosis to final photo.

- from bonding to polishing, step by step in order to achieve the best outcome.

- recognise the limits … if any.


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