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NZACD Waikato Photography and Trial Smile Full Day Workshop

07/09/2018 09:00am to 5:00pm

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Dental Photography and The Trial Smile: Powerful Tools to Generate

Predictable Results

Dr Dalila Gabb BDS


The production of beautiful cosmetic dentistry is no

accident. It is a delicate balance of finesse utilising

various tools such as digital photographs, dynamic

video analysis, the acquisition of dental impressions

for a diagnostic wax-up and a smile trial.

These procedures are interlinked to produce a

predictable result that can generate an emotional

outcome which leads onto positive patient

motivation towards the proposed treatments and greater case acceptance.

The ultimate design incorporates both desired and innate features, the latter taking influence from the facial features of the patient as captured with good photography, aiding both you and the technician in selecting appropriate tooth form and colour. This then allows creation of a workable mock-up with which we can preview the smile before irreversible preparation of the patient’s teeth. Some of the chief advantages of this are that the appearance and function may be test driven by the patient, they can see what is achievable for them and the dentist can get buy in for the procedures with a low cost staging phase, before the patient proceeds to the definitive bonded porcelain restorations.


The delegate will

 learn how to generate a series of photographs useful for dental diagnostic interpretation and records.

 learn how to analyse the photographs and dynamic video to determine the proportions and form of the target composition. This will drive the diagnostic wax-up.

 fabricate various putty stents to be used in both the mock-up phase as well as preparation phases. This will drive predictability of results without over-preparation of valuable tooth structure.

 be encouraged to bring a smartphone as there will be an exercise recording dynamic smile and speech characteristics which will provide invaluable data for smile design purposes.

 observe the process for a trial smile on a sample case brought in by the lecturer.

 learn the limits of aesthetic treatment planning and to gauge when a case would best be treated by referral to a specialist.

 gain valuable tools in multidisciplinary communication of case parameters between all treatment partners, laboratory and specialists alike.

Dr John Wright BSc DipSci BDS FRACDS


 Clinical Dental Photography is the link between

clinical records and effective communication with

your patients.

 Why take clinical photos?

 The theory: what to look for in a camera; what

the camera settings mean; which ones are

important and which ones aren’t; and the best

set-up for perfect both intra-oral and portrait shots.

 What images patients relate to and which ones

they don’t.

 Patient consent for photographs.

 Images for ACC.

 Laboratory communication.


Delegates will be taught and given fool-proof methods for intra-oral photography. Emphasis will be placed on correct framing and perspective.

Step by step instructions on how to take face and profile photos used in Dr Gabb’s lecture will be given.

All Delegates are encouraged to bring their own cameras, mirrors and retractors to participate in a hand’s on session at the conclusion of the lecture. A limited amount of retractors and mirrors will be provided for those who are new to dental photography.

By the end of the session, the attendees will have the confidence and knowledge to integrate photography into their practice. They will be able to then teach other members in their practice to use photography with their patients.


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