Why Choose NZACD Dentists?

The NZACD is synonymous with Excellence and Trust

The NZACD is the premier organisation responsible for defining the standards of care for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry in New Zealand.

Members must meet strict criteria and are required to undertake continuing dental education and training in Cosmetic Dentistry to ensure they stay up to date with changes in techniques, products and practices. The arduous yet rewarding Accreditation Process with our mother organisation, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is encouraged, as this is one of the few ways of assurance and standardising clinical skills. The NZACD is the driving force defining the landscape of Cosmetic Dentistry though the provision of ongoing education via both didactic and practical training events.

Choosing an NZACD registered member to undertake your cosmetic dentistry means confidence that you are choosing a practitioner that is at the top of the cosmetic dentistry field in New Zealand. Being a member is a prestigious offering and choosing a practice that displays a current NZACD Membership on their clinic and website means you have a dentist who wants to be associated with our ethos; you have a dentist who strives to be amongst the best.

Major study group meetings are held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this year, and and complimentary for members. The NZACD is expanding to implement Digital Study Groups in conjunction with our new education partner, Dental ED, whereby other provincial urban and rural townships as small as Whakatane and Wanganui will have access to world-class lectures. This will have the effect of promoting regional collegiality and sharing of knowledge.