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Auckland Study Group - Tuesday 27th July 2021    27th Jul 2 ticketing options available Next Tuesday

SPEAKER: Dr Rajiv Rajpal

TPOIC: Minimising Implant complications and the Oral Surgery workflow and planning in dental implantology

Lecture Synopsis:
This lecture is aim...

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Christchurch Study Group - Friday 6th August 2021    6th Aug 2 ticketing options available

SPEAKER: Dr David Kao

TOPIC: How to make your patients say "Yes"

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Mastering dental photography, how to achieve social media worthy ima...

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Auckland Study Group - Tuesday 19th October 2021    19th Oct 2 ticketing options available

SPEAKER: Dr Nick Cutfield

TPOIC: To be confirmed

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6 of the Best 2021 - Friday 19th November 2021    19th Nov 5 ticketing options available

SPEAKER: Dr Han Choi
SPEAKER: Dr Alan Payne
SPEAKER: Dr Edmund Young
SPEAKER: Dr Robert Ashman

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