Why Become a Member?

Join the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry today to start enjoying these high value membership benefits…

The NZACD has become the driving force in the landscape of dental education in New Zealand and membership is a worthwhile investment. Take note of how rapidly the organisation is expanding and the plethora of benefits this membership brings you. Click for information and registrations for upcoming lectures.

NZACD Members have indicated that some of the most important and appealing things to them about their membership are:

  • The opportunity to interact and a network that is offered through local study group meetings throughout New Zealand.
  • Study groups will be held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this year. These study group meetings are complimentary to all members.
  • The Academy executive committee is available to provide a mentoring role to assist with the operation of these groups.
  • The NZACD run a series of lectures and hands on courses in a wide range of topics related to Cosmetic Dentistry. All courses qualify for verifiable continuing education hours and credits, not to mention making you a better dentist or ceramist along the way. Academy members qualify for discounts to attend.
  • NZACD Members also receive discounts to other continuing education courses that may be available and the annual savings amount to more than the annual membership fee of $375.
  • NZACD – organised international trips to the Annual American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session.


The NZACD has open dialogue between study groups throughout New Zealand and international support through its affiliate organisations, namely the AACD, IFED, ESED and BACD.

This gives us contacts with other motivated dentists with a special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry in 57 countries worldwide.

NZACD International Symposium:

This landmark event provides you the benefits of learning from world class, independent international speakers. The NZACD aims to continue to present speakers who are independent of supply companies. We aim to bring international speakers here for a multi-day programme on a biennial basis. In selecting our speakers we recognise the importance of cohesion between all members of the dental team, dentists, ceramists, and auxiliary staff.


Newsletters are produced twice yearly and aim at providing our members with an independent viewpoint on issues facing them in Cosmetic Dentistry.


This website has both public and member sections – the public section serves to promote cosmetic dentistry and NZACD Members. We are proud to be able to activate your access to the “Members Only” section giving you access to members only content such as forums and case studies where members will be encouraged to discuss certain cases with their peers who will offer treatment suggestions. The public side to the website works hard for you via a geolocational tagging service, which will enable potential patients to find your practice via a simple search engine. Member profiles will be “featured” at random and advertised on a rotational basis on pre-positioned flash banners. Transactional history with the Academy is logged on the website for easy tracking and auditing.

Downloads and Streaming:

The NZACD has a collection of past Cosmetic Dental related educational material that will be available via website streaming. We provide members with a membership sticker which can be affixed to the inner surface of any glass window or door in your practice, to further publicise your commitment to Cosmetic Dentistry. A year-specific electronic logo is also available for download from the Members-Only section of the website.