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Dr Galip Gurel *** POSTPONED ***

27/03/2020 08:30am to 28/03/2020 05:00pm

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NZACD Members - Lecture, Friday 27th March 2020


NON Members - Lecture, Friday 27th March 2020


NZACD Members - Workshop, Saturday 28th March 2020


NON Members - Workshop, Saturday 28th March 2020






DAY 1 - Friday 27th March 2020

Morning part 1:
Basic introduction to the APT concept.

The story of APT ( Aesthetic Pre-evaluative Temporaries).
The story of silicone indexes.
The story of the preparation through the APT technique.
Basic Analog workflow for the anterior bonded porcelain restorations.

Morning part 2:
Live REBEL intro.

In this LIVE section Dr.Gurel will be demonstrating how to make an Indirect Mock up
through the brand new 3D Digital software called the REBEL LIVE on a patient.
The steps for the REBEL software protocol and workflow will be demonstrated:
1. Make a very simple mock up ONLY on a CENTRAL , intra-oral scan it to create an 3D STL file.

2. Follow the 5 full face photo protocol and make the 1 minute interview with the patient 3-Digitally scan intra-orally and send the 3D STL file to the REBEL digital wax-up center.

Importance of the mock-up (analog-digital).
Creating awareness.
Presenting the case to the patient – the direct mock up.
The mock up as the navigator.
The mock up as the diagostic tool.
Classification and different types of direct mock ups.
Perception of the mock up by the patient.

Afternoon part 1:
The art of the Personalised Smile Design / REBEL

Different personalities , different choices.
Personality traits (Hippocrates).
Different cultures, religions, backgrounds, traditions.
HOWEVER a single universal VISUAL LANGUAGE (Carl Jung).
Understanding the basic shapes and their perception.
Difference between looking and seeing.
VISAGISM (the creation of a customised personal image).
VISAGISMILE (the creation of a customised personal smile design).
Analysis of the face and its perception.
Analysis of the personality.
Research amongst the dentists about perception.
How to relate the Visual language and the shapes, to the facial anatomy and personality.
How to clinically apply the technique.
Getting this 3D wax-up digitally.
3D printing / silicone indexes / the digitally designed APT in the mouth.

Afternoon part 2:
Functional Aesthetics – Handling the worn dentition ( occlusion in clinical practice)

How to differentiate Bruxism from other types of wear.
Occlusal Dysfunction vs Constricted Envelope.
Treatment options.
Opening the bite ( restorative or orthodontics or orthodontics & restorative combination).
Details on decision making.
Aesthetic mock up vs functional mock up.
Aesthetic plane of occlusion.
Defining the exact VDO.
Customised jig preparation.
Kois deprogrammer.
Retral Contact Position vs Inter Cupsal Position.
Tooth preparation; posterior vs anterior.
Adjusting the occlusion.
Contact points to keep and not to keep.
Chewing motion in functional adjustments.

LIVE patient finishing REBEL /APT application.

A new Smile Design will be created and tried on the patient according to REBEL proposal.
Analysing the 3D printed models from REBEL.
An impression of the 3D printed model is made with a silicone impression.
And an APT is made through the silicone impression in the patient’s mouth.
Checking the final outcome LIVE on the patient.

DAY 2 - Saturday 28th March 2020

Morning part 1:
Tooth preparation A to Z by Dr.Gurel
VIDEO (full-HD)

Designing the smile.
Mock up – wax up.
Preparing silicon indexes in the lab or chair side.
Analyzing the smile with the indexes.
Aesthetic Pre-recontouring - APR (if needed).
Aesthetic Pre-evaluative Temporaries.
Evaluation of the aesthetic through APT.
Evaluation of the occlusion through APT.
Evaluation of the phoetics through APT.
Tooth preparation through APT.
-using depth cutters.
-using extra fine diamond burs.
-Finishing the margins.
-customising your Arkansas stone burs for finalising gingival margin preparations.
-using the softlex paper discs during the preparation.
Handling exposed dentin at the time of the preparation.
Impression making – using retraction cords ( if needed).
Rechecking the provisionals for aesthetic, functions, phonetics.

Tooth preparation techniques for complicated situations.
Additive vs subtractive conditions.
How to deal with the protruded teeth.
How to handle the teeth that are to much palatally positioned.

Morning part 2 & Afternoon part 1:
Hands-on course on Models

Mock up.
Preparing the translucent silicone impression through the wax up model.
Preparing the silicon index.
Checking the smile with index.
Aesthetic Pre-recontouring - APR.
Aesthetic Pre-evaluative Temporaries – APT.
Evaluation of the aesthetic through APT.
Tooth preparation through APT.
Using depth cutters.
Using different diamond burs.
Finishing the margins.
Modifying the translucent silicone impression for the provisionals.
Making the provisionals using RSVP technique.
Rechecking the provisionals for aesthetics.

Afternoon part 2:
Lecture - Bonding- adhesives

Update on Dental adhesives.
The hybrid layer.
Ingredients of the adhesive systems.
How to classify the adhesive systems in their most simplistic way.
Total etch vs. Self etching.
Advantages vs. Disadvantages, which one to use when?
Possible post op problems.
Light sources (important or not).

Bonding veneers
VIDEO (full-HD)

Bonding the Porcelain Laminate Veneers by Dr. Gurel.
Removing the provisionals.
Whether or not to use the rubber dam.
Surface treatment of the prepared tooth surface.
Surface treatment of the intaglio surface of the porcelain restoration.
Seating the porcelain restoration.
Bonding the Porcelain Laminate Veneers.
Light curing (technique for the minimum invasive margin cleaning).
Final cleaning (burs or blades).
Checking the Aesthetics, occlusion


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