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Christchurch Study Group - Friday 17th May 2019

17/05/2019 06:00pm to 9:00pm

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TOPIC: Cementation vs Bonding: A Modern Approach

Adhesive dentistry has translated indirect restorations to be less mechanically retentive and the design of our indirect restorative options has changed.

Since the design of our preparations has changed, we now have to create favourable situations for more predictable bonding to tooth structure.

A brief discussion on how new foundations for our restorative techniques will give us predictable results for our indirect restorations.

The use of Zirconia and Lithium disilicate and indirect resins are being used daily as an option to restore large areas of tooth structure that is missing. A brief guide on predictable and reliable techniques for indirect restorations will be discussed with some latest updates on bonding techniques.

The attendee will learn
- about the concept of immediate dentin sealing and the reasons why to implement this in their daily practice.
- when and how to cement with traditional materials.
- when to, how to, and why “bond” instead of cement whenever possible.
- how adhesive bonding focuses more on the clinical longevity and performance of the tooth than the restoration itself but also how it can outperform traditional cementation over time.


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